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Car insurances in wroclaw – Only with us. Hakiru is an insurance company based in Wrocław. Our multi-agency offers a wide range of proposals from over 20 insurance companies. (For example : PZU, Allianz, Proama, Interrisk, Aviva, AXA, Wiener, Ergo Hestia, Warta, Uniqa, and TUZ). We don’t operate only in Wrocław. With us, you can insure your car, home, or life. Remotely, with no useless procedures, always with the best protection and rates.

We offer top-level advice for both individual clients and group insurance. We also offer business insurance.

Hakiru serve clients from Wrocław and all over Poland. With our experience and individual approach to each client, you can be confident about your future.

Contact us and see how easily and quickly you can secure your most valuable assets. We compare a wide range of insurance products.

“Good Insurance Company, I have been working with Hakiru for 8 years. Reliable contractor. When it comes to insurance or vehicle registration, this is the place!” Mae Yunjeong

As an insurance broker in Wrocław, we have been offering assistance in finding the best vehicle insurance for our clients since 2008. Our office helps to insure property and vehicles. With over 15 years of experience in the industry. We can guarantee and compare a wide and reliable range of insurance services tailored to your needs. Thousands of customers have trusted us.

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Hakiru, car registration, insurances in Wroclaw

Your agency of car insurance in Wroclaw. What we can offer our customer?


We offer car insurances in wroclaw and beyond:

Types of motor policies we offer include:

Liability Car insurances in wroclaw1. Liability Insurance (OC) : Mandatory third party liability insurance – a proposal for civil liability insurance. It protects against claims from individuals who have suffered damage as a result of a traffic accident for which the driver is responsible. Since most clients are looking for the cheapest liability insurance. Regardless of the company, failing to maintain continuous coverage exposes us to a high financial penalty from the UFG (Insurance Guarantee Fund).

More information about penalties for lack of liability insurance can be found in our article:

Penalty for Lack of Liability Insurance in 2023 – How Much Is It and How to Avoid It?

Many times, young drivers contact us, because of high insurance costs for inexperienced vehicle owners. In our offer, we also have options geared toward young drivers.Call

Comprehensive Car Insurance in Wrocław2.Comprehensive Car Insurance (AC) :  Comprehensive insurance, unlike mandatory liability insurance, generally covers the vehicle against damages, resulting from various random events depending on the proposed scope. For example, theft, fire, flooding, and above all collisions.

If you want to know more about insuring your vehicle against theft, click here:

Wrocław – Most Frequently Stolen Car Models – How to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft? Guide

Purchasing comprehensive insurance along with liability insurance is the most favorable option, because an additional discount is given for each of the insurances.

Ubezpieczenia Wrocław NNW3.Personal Accident Insurance (NNW)  : Maybe you want to extend your coverage with Personal Accident Insurance (NNW)? Do you want to use a replacement car in the event of a breakdown or ensure the possibility of repairing your vehicle at the scene of an accident? Insurance against Personal Accident protects drivers or passengers from the consequences of accidents on the road, depending on their needs.

holowanie assistance 4. Roadside Assistance : Assistance – voluntary type of insurance allows you to obtain help in case of vehicle breakdown and towing, additionally it also includes on-site repairs and provides a replacement vehicle.

Firstly we help You to register a car, secondly we help with insurance

If you’re wondering why it’s worth including assistance in your insurance premium, read this article:

Towing a Vehicle – Is It Worth Having Assistance?

Ochrona prawna 5. Legal Protection Insurance : Legal Protection Insurance – another option, voluntary legal protection insurance. This is a useful option because it provides legal assistance and advice in disputes related to vehicle usage. Such as road accidents, among other aspects of liability.

In summary, it’s important to remember that the scope of protection you should purchase depends on your individual needs. Also situation as a driver. Therefore, it’s worth consulting with an insurance agent before choosing your coverage options.

Insurance Wrocław – Dolnośląskie – All of Poland, property insurance for homes and houses:

Do you want to insure your property? Hakiru – Vehicle Registration Wroclaw is providing its services and advise of each property insurance:
  1. Fire and Other Peril Insurance (e.g., flood, storm, water damage, hail, lightning, or earthquakes): This policy protects your building and its contents from destruction and damage caused by these events.

  2. Theft Insurance: This coverage protects against theft or damage to property due to break-ins.

  3. Third Liability Insurance: It protects against claims from third parties who have suffered damage due to the owner’s property activities. For example a neighbor’s window broken by your child.

  4. Appliance and Electronic Equipment Breakdown Protection: This solution includes the repair or replacement of damaged appliances and electronic equipment.

  5. Explosion-Related Damage Insurance: This coverage includes damage caused by gas or explosive materials, and similar events.

  6. Business Loss Insurance, Business Liability: It provides compensation for loss of income due to property damage or loss of health.

  7. Coverage for Other Random Events: This solution covers damages caused by other unspecified reasons (e.g., hailstorms or sewer backups). 

Please note! Incorrectly structured property insurance can result in a denial of a claim in the event of damage.This can expose you to hundreds of thousands in losses. (especially in major cities like Wrocław, Kraków, or Warsaw. There property prices can reach as high as 15,000 PLN per square meter). Therefore, it’s worth using the services of an experienced agent who can answer your questions. Good agent will provide you with a tailored offer that addresses your needs and alleviates any concerns.

In summary, you can find more information about what to consider when reading property insurance proposals in the following article:

What to Look for When Insuring a Home or Apartment – Important Provisions in the Policy

Hakiru – car insurances in wroclaw, Life Insurance

In contrast to liability insurance (which is mandatory), life and health insurance coverage is not very popular or well-known.

Many of us have questions :

  • What are the benefits of life insurance in the event of death or disability?
  • How high are the prices of life insurance?
  • What is life and health insurance exactly?

Life and health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that guarantees payment of a specified sum in the event of harm to the insured’s health or death. It covers  also in the event of specific health-related events, such as a severe illness or inability to work. Under the policy, the insured person regularly pays premiums, and in return, the insurer undertakes to pay. A certain amount of money in the event of a specific situation, in accordance with the terms of the insurance coverage. In summary, this type of protection provides financial support for the family. loved ones during a difficult time


Therefore, you can find more information on what to pay attention to when choosing life insurance in the following post:

Hospitalization and Life Insurance – What to Consider?

Insurances Wroclaw – Travel Insurance

Are you tired of Wrocław and want to explore? Travel insurance is a type of insurance that protects tourists from unforeseen situations that can occur during a trip. Illness, accidents, theft, or loss of luggage. Under the policy, the insurer undertakes to cover the costs associated with such situations, and the insured person regularly pays premiums.

Depending on the type of travel insurance, the insured may receive compensation : Medical expenses, medical transport, accidents on the ski slopes, losses related to flight cancellations or delays, and baggage loss or damage.

Travel insurance is particularly important for trips abroad, where the costs of medical treatment or  transport can be much higher. Travel insurance gives tourists a sense of security and protects them from unexpected expenses while traveling.

School Personal Accident Insurance (NNW) for Children

School personal accident insurance for children is a special offer that protects children during school hours or during extracurricular activities. It covers activities such as field trips or camps. Personal Accident Insurance (NNW) provides compensation in the event of an accident that leads to injury or death of a child. Remote school personal accident insurance is a convenient option. Especially for parents who want to provide their children with protection without leaving home.

Financial and Investment Insurance for Businesses

Financial and investment insurance for businesses is an important part of managing financial risk in business. It includes various types of insurance, such as property insurance and liability insurance.It covers also  credit insurance, comprehensive insurance, as well as life and health insurance for employees.

Car insurances in wroclaw – How to Buy Insurance? Multi-Agency Insurance or Private?


Why It’s Worth Having an Insurance Agent?

It’s worthwhile to have your own insurance agent for several reasons:
  1. Help in choosing the right insurance: We will analyze your needs and help you understand different types of insurance so that we can select from a wide range of options that best suit your needs and life situation.

  2. You won’t pay anything extra – our commission is paid by the insurance company, so you won’t incur any additional costs.

  3. You won’t have to remember insurance deadlines – we’ll remember for you. A few weeks before the end of your coverage, we’ll inform you and present the best offer.

  4. Knowledge of the business market – we have access to various insurers and their products, allowing us to find the best insurance in Wrocław at the right price.

  5. Help with paperwork: We can assist you with all the paperwork related to insurance policy signing, help negotiate prices, making the insurance process much smoother. We’ll also handle the termination of the previous policy.

  6. Availability and support: We are available for questions or emergencies, ensuring quick assistance and professional service when needed.

  7. Time and money savings: With “Hakiru – Vehicle Registration Wrocław,” you can save both time and money, as insurance agents have knowledge and experience in the industry and can find the best offers at the right price.

  8. You don’t even have to leave your home : A phone and a computer are all you need. We can handle all matters remotely.

Hakiru – Car insurances in wroclaw and more – choose the cover you need and insure yourself online.

Without leaving your home. 


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