Temporary residence permit in Wroclaw for foreigners. Zameldowanie, na pobyt czasowy dla obcokrajowca we Wrocławiu

Temporary residence permit in Wroclaw is necessary, if you plan to stay in the city more than 30 days. 

If you live or work in Poland – there is a registration requirement that applies to both Polish citizens and foreigners. 


Aditionally, permanent or temporary residence registration will allow you to enable application for many services. For example : without it vehicle registration will be impossible.


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What the regulations say : 

According to Article 28(4) of the EU Law, permanent or temporary residence registration serves solely for registration purposes.It aims to confirm the fact of a person’s stay in the place where they have registered. The mere registration of another person for permanent or temporary residence generally does not have any legal consequences for the property owner.

A foreigner who is a citizen of a European Union (EU) member state. EFTA, a party to the European Economic Area agreement, or a citizen of the Swiss Confederation, and a family member of such a foreigner. Who is not a citizen of these countries, is obligated to register their temporary residence no later than the 30th day from the day of their arrival at that place. It takes only if their temporary stay exceeds 3 months. Other foreigners must register their temporary residence no later than the 4th day from the day of their arrival at that place unless their stay in the territory of Poland does not exceed 30 days.

For a foreigner to be able to register in Poland at a rented apartment. They must have a signed lease agreement with the apartment owner. It’s important that the agreement includes the property’s land. Also requires register number and can confirm the owner’s details, such full name, and issued address.

temporary residence in wroclaw
Temporary residence document sample

Temporary residence permit in Wroclaw. Documents we need in order to obtain temporary residence for You:

We need, you should submit :

1. Flat rental contract in original
2. Passport / identity card (for Eurepean Union citizens).
3. Signed authorization (We will provide it)


During the registration at the office, the presence of the apartment owner or the person being registered is not required.

After registering (obtaining) for a period longer than 30 days, We can also assign You indyvidual PESEL number, if you dont have one. 

A parent, legal guardian, or de facto guardian registers a person who lacks legal capacity. This means completely incapacitated individuals, children up to 13 years of age. Also a person with limited legal capacity (partially incapacitated individuals, children aged 13 to 18).

If You are non European Union citizen, your passport should contain valid visa.

Eventually stamp in passport. It’s a proof that you applying for Visa- if process takes longer than validity of actual visa/residence permit. (sample below)


temporary residence in wrocław

Temporary residence permit in Wroclaw fees:

  • The price of our representation is 150 PLN.
  • Authorization fee is 17 PLN
  • Issuing a certificate of permanent residence registration is free of charge.
  • The treasury fee for issuing for confirmation of registration of residence (temporary) is 17 PLN (you will receive such a certificate upon request).

Legal basis links :

1. Act of September 24, 2010, on population records.

2. Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of December 13, 2017. Regarding the determination of forms and methods of fulfilling the registration obligation.